A little about me


Diligent, a “go-getter,” motivated–these accolades have been given to me by others, but really, I have no idea who I am or who I’m trying to be on most days. I’m a mess, and that’s not really going to change. And I’m trying to be okay with that. I love thinking deeply, philosophically, and connecting to others and to the earth. I find nature to be mysterious, and inviting, just like the depth of the human being. Capable of incredible beauty and also of unimaginable destruction. I don’t have a lot of answers, but nevertheless wrestle with poignant questions. My energies coming from the endless chase of the fog. This blog is just one attempt to explore the mysteries and to put some of my experiences into words, and yet, some of our greatest longings cannot be named or described with mere words. They are beyond verbal. Like the power that can come from small gestures or sharing tears with one another. The intricacies of the human experience and connection that are evoked through eye contact. We communicate in many different ways, but there is a common thread that connects us all. And I’m trying to find that, to experience it, to connect with it. I guess you could say that my greatest life goal is becoming human.

Can you spot me?

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