If I were to try and succinctly describe my greatest pursuit in life, or the hunger that drives me, it would probably come down to two things: knowing and doing. Ideally, I will spend my life loving and being loved. But, behind all of this, I often crave an understanding. Of myself and the other, of the earth, of things that move and breathe and have their being. I love to think deeply and to pursue a knowledge that is somehow progressively more true and more real than it was for me yesterday. I love ideas and images and thinking about how what we know and what we experience can be two different things at times, or can be intertwined in a beautiful dance together.  What is knowledge? What is truth? And what are the mysteries inherent within life? And what about those mysterious caverns inside me? These are the questions I wrestle with and these are what I deem the fog. What is it I’m looking for and am I missing something that is so close and yet unseen?

Thus, this blog is a place where I hope to ask questions, provide some of my internal dialogue, and to pursue topics that are meaningful to you and me. As I seek to know and be known, I hope that I will even more so experience the wonder and beauty of life.  I resonate deeply with T.S. Eliot as he so eloquently describes what I see as my endless chasing of the fog:

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. “ 

ghostly...at a castle in Lake Como, Italy
ghostly…at a castle in Lake Como, Italy



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