A cloud, but not quite. More low-lying, with its moisture generated by that which is nearby.

A mist, but more dense; limiting visibility to a greater degree than a simple gathering of water molecules.

It is a thickness, a mystery, that develops right here among us. And I find it quite intriguing. The mystery of fog beckons me, calls to the part of me that yearns for something more.

A part of me that desires something that is not quite seen, not completely visible, yet it peers at me, flirts with me even, from within its foggy hiding place.

And why am I chasing it? What is it that I pursue? Ah, if only the answer were that simple, I might have no reason to chase it. Perhaps the mystery is that which I desire. The unknown is that which keeps me engaged…dancing with the half-hidden or the unreachable, each taking steps towards and away from the other. Perhaps the dance, the chase, is why the fog is so inviting…even though I cannot fully see what it is that’s enveloped in the white shadows.

Chasing fog.

The name is one that seems somewhat dark to me, maybe a little gloomy, but I kind of like it that way. I wanted the name to represent or symbolize a life pursuit of mine, and that is striving for, or persistently chasing, something that is undefined, often even to me. There is a craving, a deep desire, for something that is profoundly a mystery. And I have enough ambition to chase something even as elusive as fog.

I, like many others, have wanted to start a blog for a while now. I grew up writing short stories and poems, journaling about anything and everything. Writing is still that which allows me to take the foggy storm within me, and make it external. My stream of consciousness is much more than a stream. It’s a river, raging at times, and to gather my thoughts in written word provides me with more internal space. Perhaps it may make room for me to gather more endurance to continue the pursuit of a life fully lived.

Get a theme, a niche to focus on. This was the advice of many when attempting to start a blog. You need to focus on one area, one particular theme. That would be helpful, I would think to myself. Write about baking or being a mom or psychology.

Yet, my life is too messy for that. To focus when running with fog is not a task I accept. Those who know me know that I do not embrace limitations lightly. I refuse to be categorized or to blindly befriend rules or follow authorities. So, I wanted to offer a place where mystery and ambiguity can be cherished.

A place where we can make room for the grey, space for the unknown, because that is what life includes. Thus, this blog is a chance to write about life as it is or at least as it is perceived. A place for us to journey together about life’s pain and suffering, its joy and excitement, and its challenge and mystery.

You have my attention.
You have my attention.


2 thoughts on “Fog.

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. I am very excited to see where this fog takes you and what kinds of revelations come from your pursuit of it.

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